Welcome to Prabandha

Prabandha is a product of innovative thinking clubbed with the industry’s best expertise in software development. Our team of web designers & software developer has come with a great Educational Management System solution that helps in Educational management as well as is a modern real-time digital communication platform for parents & all parties involved in Educational Institutions. It is designed to be simple with ease of use and is just like any other social network. This web application connects all people associated with educational institutions and helps them access information directly from their desktops or mobile. Prabandha helps educational become a part of the new age digital world.

Some of the features that make it a great tool for Educational Management System as well as a platform for communication are:

◂ Prabandha’s SMS delivery system delivers messages to Principals, Parents, Teachers and Students on their devices with instant access to all Educational Institutions - related activities.

◂ Parents & Teachers can communicate with each other anytime using chat features that enable both parties to help mentor the students better.

◂ Fully integrated application helps access every information regarding Educational Management like fees collection and classroom performance like a report card, anytime from anywhere.

◂ Prabandha’s event’s calendar helps everyone stay updated with all important dates at the Educational Institutions.

◂ Students can the use of digital technology by using the Prabandha for posting suggestions & complaints, writing exams, as well as posting their talents and skills.

◂ Prabandha is a responsive web which is available on both iOS and Android with the intent of maximizing the accessibility of the app from the majority of handsets.

◂ With Prabandha App, Educational Institutions can customize their access as per their requirement.

Prabandha has developed four separate modules for parents, teachers, students & admin each one with exhaustive features:

Faculty can create ids & passwords for both students and parents. They can prepare and share Lesson Planner, Online, and Written Examination Papers. Teachers can also list out student attendance, chat with parents, conduct online examinations, answer queries posted by students, create question papers, send homework to parents, manage lesson planner etc.

Parents can view their children’s attendance information, exam time table and exam syllabus, reports of online and academic exams, inform about fee dues, homework reports, syllabus completion status and chat with the teacher as well.

Students can post queries, share their talents, write online exams, view exam time table and exam syllabus, know fee dues, homework reports, syllabus status, post and view eBook, share knowledge, post complaints, ideas, and suggestions.

Admin can manage classes, sections, Educational Institutions information, faculty fees, hostels, transport details, approve eBooks etc. Admin can view and reply to all complaints, suggestions, and ideas as well.

We aspire to reach the majority of Educational Institutions and help them stay ahead by using the best management software and digital communication platform. Prabandha helps you go digital and become a Smarter Educational Institutions.