My Prabandha has a comprehensive list of features that help you manage your Education Institutions from student and parent’s management to staff management efficiently. We have great reviews from our clients for our outstanding ongoing support services. Here’s what helps us service you better.

User Friendly

My Prabandha is a User-Friendly App and you don’t need to go through any training to use it. This application is so easy to use and navigate that anyone, even people with minimal or no knowledge of computer can use this app with great ease.

Web Based

Prabandha is an online web based Educational management system which is easily accessible from any browser. It does not need any complex plug-in or extension on your computer. You can log in from any computer or mobile using just the login id and password.

Customization Ready

Our App gives Admin and Faculty access the flexibility to customize their data to meet their specific requirements. You can allow and customize access of Students & Parents to give them read only or edit access to data you want them to see or update.

Data & Server

Our simple and flexible designing of App allows Educational Institutes to use their own server and so Educational Institutes do not need any external hosting services.

Hooking Features

This application can be used by students, faculty, parents and the employees of the institution on daily basis to keep themselves informed and updated with the latest news of their academy.

Affordable Pricing

Prabandha offers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for any ERP Software in educational sector. Educational institutes of any size can easily afford our services.

Mobile App

We have developed Prabandha App for Android and iOS platforms, the two most widely used Operating Systems, to ensure that Educational Institutions stream can be accessed from the majority of handsets.

Student’s Conduct

Prabandha allows Educational Institutions to store students and parents’ data. Educational Institutions can access this information anytime for analysis.

Data Security

Prabandha has been developed with an exclusive security function for data protection to ensure your data is not accessible by any unauthorised personnel.